Hello Senpai,

Welcome to Waifu and Company!
We are store dedicated to live pack openings and TCG products.

All live pack openings purchased from the store will be opened live on Twitch.tv.
We are usually live on Saturday nights at 6PM Eastern! Schedule does change frequently so I suggest following our Discord to know exactly when we will be live.


All US purchases have free shipping for hits only, unless otherwise stated.  Each product will state if it includes free shipping or if extra shipping is required in the product description or on the product thumbnail! If your purchase requires shipping that has not been paid, I will hold your items until shipping is purchased or you make a purchase with free shipping. I am more than happy to hold items for longer periods of time if requested.

If you purchase an item with free shipping in combination with an item that requires extra shipping, you do not have to pay extra! This is to help you save money on shipping while also assisting me in reducing costs for smaller purchases.

At checkout, you will be prompted to choose if you want hits only or bulk. Hits only means you will receive all rares, holo and above. If you select bulk, you will need to pay a small surcharge based on weight and receive all cards. If you choose to take bulk when adding the item to cart, but not during checkout you will not receive bulk.

We ship internationally; however, shipping costs will be charged after you are ready to ship. Generally, international shipping is very expensive and we try to minimize shipping costs for both you and I. 

I will cover up to $10 USD of priority shipping costs internationally and the rest of the cost will be for you to purchase. If you have a very small amount of cards with me that can ship first class, I will cover $5 USD. Once I have received notice that you are ready to ship your items, I will quote you a shipping cost and you will then purchase that amount via invoice to your email. Once I see the purchase for shipping made, I will ship your items.


Refunds for live pack openings must be requested before the opening has occurred. Once the product is opened, we cannot process your refund.

If you would like to request a refund for sealed products, it must meet the following criteria:
  • Return for sealed product is requested within 7 days of delivery
  • Product returned must be the original item purchased
  • Product must be in sealed, unopened condition
  • Product is not a preorder item

If these criteria cannot be met, your return may not be processed.

We reserve the right to charge a 10% restocking fee on any pre-order cancellations.
Shipping costs will not be refunded after an item has been shipped.